Seisefes means white. In hexadecimal code, when programming, we indicate the presence of this color by typing #FFFFFF.

We offer a wide variety of services focusing mainly on web development as well as on all sorts of computer applications, above all mobile apps (Android, iOS…) including management applications, geolocalization,augmented reality, video-games and social networks.

We’ve been active since 2006, offering our clients the most cost effective solutions to cover their needs, high quality, cutting edge and the best results achievable.

All our projects stand out for being multiplatform, in other words they run on multiple devices regardless their screen size, configuration or resolution.

Tell what you have in mind, we’ll give shape to your ideas.

contact information

seisefes logo showing it's six F's
C/ Islas Cies, 32 bajo
28035 Madrid

649 69 36 46
605 77 30 16