seisefes website 1.0

desarrollo web, infografía 3d

Date enero, 2009

This was our company’s first website, in it we include all the excitement that the company started with. It took time to finish, we had been active for over a year developing client’s websites without having one of our own. We needed for it to be different, with lots of detail and interactiveness.

It’s a 3d scene in which the real elements turn out to be the functional items of the site. The mouse pointer is a firefly who is constantly threatened by a salamander that goes up and down a wall in a country side enviroment, in the background, through a window, you can aprecciatte a rotating windmill.

It was a massive technical job. The firefly, the salamander and the flower boxes are pre rendered in multiple perspectives to show in each moment the apropiate one. For the firefly-hungry-salamander-interaction we design a state system including all the possibilities of each character.

The site has gone through lots of changes inside of it, until one day we decided to develop a new one, fresh but keeping our company’s essence.