salpicada de luna llena website

desarrollo web, infografía 3d

Date octubre, 2009

The writer, María José Hernández, asked us to build a website for her new book of short tales. The website had to talk about the book, show excerpts from it, talk about the author, allow contacting her and offer the possibility of buying the book.

We were given total freedom in web and graphic desing. Thanks to the book’s name and the poem which names it, we reached the conclusion that we could blend in harmony concept and aesthetics in a natural and atractive way: we decided to show a relaxing full-moon-sea enviroment over which we could show the website’s contents.

We modelled a fully 3d night landscape, with three main elements: the moon, the sky and the sea. We added some stars that randomly create and distribute themselves each time someone visits the website. Under the moon, scrolling, some excerpts from each chapter are shown. The space in the left is used to show contents. The website’s audio is a recording of real waves edited to suite the contents and loop for ever seamlessly.