lópez-brea website

desarrollo web, infografía 3d

Date abril, 2009

This client wanted to stand out from its competitors for being innovative and casual, but without loosing the functional services he wanted to offer through the website. It required a Knowledge database about legal advisory as well as the develpoment of an online inquiry sistem which included online credit card payment and virtual enquiries management. We were given total freedom in design decisions.

We contacted Álvaro Núñez, a professional illustrator, through our client as they had already worked succesfully together beforehand. Our idea was to design a virtual browsable law firm that had as main characters Álvaro’s drawings and make those characters interact with the website user.

To achieve this we asked Álvaro Núñez to give us the necessary drawings to texturize a 3D enviroment which the user will interact with, including the different frames needed for each character’s animation (talk, gesture, blinks, etc.) We used the illustrations in our 3d enviroment and configured some aspects of the scene to reach a cartoon look. Each character’s gestures are interactive.

As a curiosity, the blinking ratio of the characters is random, as well as the typing of the receptionist. In the contact page she types at the same time as the website user.