fustelmateo website

desarrollo web, infografía 3d

Date junio, 2010

A very fun and entretaining project to work in, this multi-area artist’s website. The author required basically to show her works, but also offer the possibility to buy them online. She gave us total freedom in design.

This web is based in the works of Magritte, a painter form Belgium. It shows a room that suits the author’s works and at the same time it invites the visitor to click on the objects which compose the scene. As we are dealing with graphic and literal works and objects, these are shown directly onstage to allow visitors see them in the most realistic way.

The whole website is a 3D scene built for this client. Each object has been modelled, texturized, lit and rendered by us. There’s a lamp which can be turn on and off affecting the room’s light. Books and posters are shown in a realistic way, allowing users to flip pages in the books and trying frames on the posters. An online store system was developed that allows users to buy her works as she recieves a shipment notification.

This web is constantly changing and being updated, the author requires us to do so on a regular basis.