euskadi lagunkoia website

desarrollo web

Date abril, 2013

After designing the project’s identity, we are asked to design a friendly multi application website for the Gobierno Vasco.

The project required multiple sections and applications that needed to be managed by the client afterwards.

The news section allows he client to publish geolocated news.

A forum management system is also included, all users can expose their ideas and concerns in a public way.

The “Friendly places” section allows users and each town’s administration to share places which they consider to be friendly, the website grabs the GPS position of the places in order to place them in a map and list them.

Maybe the most challenging part of this project was the development from scratch of a Time Bank. Users can offer their time and skills or reclaim services that other users may satisfy, all this using an hour exchange system. Users can manage their income and payments through the website.

The website also includes an online test for the store owners who want to win the “Friendly Store” title and sticker. Other similar feature is the development of a survey system which allows our client to measure their user’s level of satisfaction with their town in terms of friendlyness.

The proyect had to be accessible, totally compatible with SmartPhones and Tablets and had to be developed in two languages: Spanish and Basque.