art déco sign work

diseño gráfico, imagen corporativa, rotulación

Date enero, 2010

One of the most gratifying tasks we’d been asked to develop in this project was the making of a photo collage for a huge poster destined to cover one of the pub’s walls. The job was about emulating the famous picture of the building workers having lunch on top of one of Manhattan’s skyscraper. A good client idea to aproach the Art Déco style. The idea was to rebuild the scene but with the pub’s constructor workers.

We used a beam, a rope (which crosses the picture vertically) and some improvised costumes, the picture was taken in what will later become the pub’s main hall.

The first task was to remove the background, cutting the characters and elements to later include them in a New York skyline background. At first we thought on using a Lima backgroundbut the result wasn’t good enough, we wanted it to look more like the original. Finding an adecuate picture for the background was not an easy task. We later adjusted our character’s picture so it matched the looks of the background, had to make it look old.

We love the result, the client has even told us that people think that we have only changed the character’s faces, hehehe…

This client also asked us to design the pub’s labeling, from which we want to bring out the bathroom labeling to differ the men’s room from the ladie’s room.

For this task we took pictures of a woman and a men, both volunteers. After choosing the best picture we traced the silouhettes and had them cut in vinyl.

The result is two real size person profiles, a woman and a man, opening each room’s door.