art déco logo

imagen corporativa, logotipo

Date junio, 2009

This time we were asked to create the corporate brand of an exclusive lounge bar in Lima, Perú. This lounge is located in a big building from 1928, the facade was kept and restored, while its interior has been completely rebuilt from scratch. The proyect was, at every level, a pleasure for the senses of a design professional. We had the luck to work hand by hand with the client, as well as with the peruvian architecture studio “Seinfeld” in site during the reconstruction, since the begining we where ask for everything that concerned design.

One of the main guidelines in designing was, of course, the name of the Lounge, Art Déco, which clearly pushed us towards designing something linked to that artistic period. On the other hand, we considered the idea of including in the logo something that belonged to the original building. After analizyng the place and all of the possible artistic elements that it offered, we saw that, despite its awful condition at this early state of restoration, some elements stood out, like the original floors (the actual one is a replic, since the original could not be restored), the terrace’s balaustrade (completely restored now) and grille which decorated the two entrance windows. Maybe this last element wasn’t the most art deco like of all, but it certainly was the one which drew most of everybody’s attention. The possibilities offered by the stylish lines linked very well with the idea of luxury and exclusiveness that was to be included in the company’s logo. The font used in the design is taken from that artistic period, giving the whole thing the neccesary art déco touch.

In the pictures you can appreciate the result of this bussiness and design project.