Learn Playing “Musical Instruments Kids”

Some of you might already know, we’ve published a Musical Instruments game for kids. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices. So far we’ve released it in English and Spanish (Android & Apple).

Right now we’re launching it so if you have kids or know someone who does, please spread the word. It’s inexpensive, you can buy in Google Play for 1,23€ and for 1,79 € in the AppStore) a few downloads will help us go up in each market making it more visible, well known and therefore, downloaded often.
You can also help us by supporting us in the social networks, recommending us, “+1″ in google+, “Like it” in Facebook, retweet in Twitteror reviewing the app in each market, all those kind of things are really helpful.
We have in mind developing more games like this one, we’ll tell you all about it soon!