We develop intuitive computer applications, easy to use, atractive and powerful that can be used in web, desktop, laptop and the main mobile devices.

picture with three different smartphone devices

As much as you are interested in internal management software for your company, a social networking app, a game with viral marketing possibilities or in an app to sell through the main virtual markets (Apple Store, Google Play or Appworld)  we are the studio you are looking for. We offer development services of custom software.


All our apps stand out for their high quality. Adapting to all the different resolutions offered by the many screens we can find in the market, enjoying a better, smarter distribution of the elements and functionalities in the usable space.

When developing web applications, these run on multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. This way we offer a unique experience in every case, avoiding the compatibility issues which result in layout errors and differences. With us, this kind of issue does not exist.

Our desktop applications can run on the main OS’s, such as Windows and MAC OS thanks to in-house multiplatform technologies.

If your idea is meant for the mobile world we can develop mobile apps for iphone, ipad, android devices and BlackBerry OS. We take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the new mobile devices in a smart way (Internet connection, GPS, speedometer, camera, etc.)  in order to develop original and unique apps, targeting this devices so extended in the present which are tending to be the user’s favorite.

The main programming languages we use are: ActionScript (AS3), MXML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5 y CSS3.


You can count on us for the whole creation process of your app, we offer you a complete service which includes:

  • Requirement analysis and technical advice to achieve your goals in a more effective, professional and cheaper way.
  • We’ll show you drafts with our best designs following your corporative image, the idea of the proyect and the client target.
  • We value functional design, as it maximizes usability and interface ease of use.
  • Our code will bring you a fast, safe and reliable app. Exposing it to several security tests of different levels.
  • If your app needs to be promoted we can give you all the advice needed as well as the creation and management of online campaigns as developing SEO and SEM strategies.
  • The possibliity of analizying user stats will help you understand how users interact with your app.
  • we offer a manteinance service for your app in order to solve possible errors, include improvements and adapt it to new devices and features.

In other words high quality, safe, reliable and fast apps that fit your needs.

Get in touch with us and tell us your idea.